Support the Cultured Foods & Kombucha Bank

Cultured kimchi
Greeting home brewers, culturist, and foodies,
my name is Nirinjan and we are looking to expand
our production space/bank to maintain more traditional
fermented culture starts. We have collected many traditional cultures from around the world, such as yogurts, kefir, kombucha, and even spores. Our goal is to maintain these cultures and bring access to these cultures for home use and those looking
for better health and wellbeing.

As you know, we already have a website/store and have sent 1000’s of culture starters to customers worldwide, see  Our small team has worked with cultures starters for over 15 years.  The space currently used for production and lab work is getting to small for the number of cultures and high customer demand, so we are asking for funds to obtain a larger working space and install needed kitchen equipment.

Your funding will help us maintain these live, raw, traditional cultures (some over 200 years old) in our ‘bank’ for all peoples to have access, now and future generations.
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Thank You and Happy