Our New Facebook Groups & Free Give Away

  In trying to find ways for us fermenters to assist and learn from one another,  we have started a new FB group that can answer your questions from us or like-minded fermenters, like yourself.

kvass drink
We have many new culture strains from yogurts, Japanese koji spores, and even rare kombucha strains, plus more.
Come join our new group and have a chance to win a free culture starter of your choice from our web store!
Head over to our store and enter today!

Our  Culture Sites and FB pages:
www.organic-cultures.com – An information site with culturing know how, instructions, and great recipes
store.organic-cultures.com – Our complete line of starter cultures
www.organic-kombucha.com – All about Kombucha tea beverage


Come over to Wild Fermentation and TCF and get some culture !

Happy Culturing…Live, Grow, and Share Cultured Foods