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~ Our Mission ~

To provide the home food culturist with a wide variety of traditional food cultures to
enhance their diet and nutrition.

~ Our Vision ~

To inspire the world to consume more fermented and cultured foods in  traditional healthy ways

Who We Are…

Here at Organic Cultures, we work to provide you with the freshest, organic grown, home food cultures.  We have been maintaining these traditional food cultures since 2005.  We are always looking to gather more cultures to provide you with a wide assortment of products for your home culturing experience!

Our Business…

  • We provide the international world with traditional food culture starters.  All of our cultures are maintained on certified organic or natural food sources and are shipped to you packaged fresh from our facility.
  • We have a 100% guarantee on all our cultures that they will be viable upon receipt or we’ll replace them free of charge!
  • We also hold area classes on food culturing, raw food, and natural fermentation.  Check out our Culture Blog for the latest information

If you know of a food culture that we don’t carry, we can maintain this culture for you or try and find a source for that culture.

100_percent_guarantee_01100% Guarantee that your
starter cultures are viable and
will reproduce or we’ll send you a replacement culture at no cost. (*some restrictions apply)

– Kefir, kombucha, and other culture starter products bought through Organic-cultures.com and website are guaranteed to be grown with organic sources, free from harmful pathogens, and are bottled or packaged fresh for purity and quality control. Our cultures are maintained and processed at a state licensed facility through the State Agriculture & Food Department, to ensure that the bottled tea, extracts, or starter kit you receive are in compliance with standard health regulations & made under sanitary conditions.

We’re so sure that we back it with a 100% Culture Replacement Guarantee!


  1. Hi, I just received the Japanese Kombu Cha culture but there is no specific recipe on your sites. I used matcha in the same amount as loose tea for other kombucha but it looks so thick. Also I don’t know how much kombu to use. Please let me know the recipe so I can maintain a healthy culture. Thanks!
    I also received the jun culture and fil mjölk which arrived in great shape! Thanks a lot!

    1. We be getting the instruction up this weekend. We didn’t have them up because we are still playing with the recipe
      Basic for a gallon batch is:
      1 gal water
      sugar and/or mirin
      1 to 2 tablespoons of matcha
      A sheet or two of nori
      one kombu leaf (with salt washed off)

      Follow basic recipe for KT.
      Allow seaweed to set over night, then strain.

      You can leave the seaweed in the brew, too, if desired.

      Happy culturing,
      Gary, brew master

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