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fermented food cultures
Make your own fermented and cultured foods

At Organic-Cultures, we provide fresh traditional food cultures from different cultural regions.  These cultures allow one to ferment and culture foods for healthful eating and extending the shelf life.

– From dairy yogurts & milk kefir

– 5 types of water kefir

– Japanese koji-kin & koji rice,

Tempeh starter spores,

Kombucha and Jun tea cultures,

Fermentation & Culturing Supplies and more!

We are adding some new cultures for 2019 including some new kombucha strains, culturing accessories, books, and more!
We provide a great collection of culture starters for the home food culturist.

  Bringing these traditional fermented foods back into your life nourishes you with healthy pro-biotics, exciting new food traditions,
and a bit of ‘culture’, too!


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Looking for more on Kombucha Tea brewing and FAQ?  Check out our main kombucha web site at www.organic-kombucha.com

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