Traditional Lactose-Fermented Beverages…

Looking for something different to drink this summer…try our some traditional fermented beverages…Enjoy! Traditional Lactose-Fermented Beverages… Bouza (Egypt): An opaque drink made of wheat, water, and sourdough yeast starter.. Gv-No-He-Nv (Cherokee, Native American): A thick, milky drink with the sweet flavors of corn accented by a mild sourness. T’ej (Ethiopian): A simple honey type wine/mead. … Continue reading Traditional Lactose-Fermented Beverages…

Kvass a Lactose-Fermented Drink from Russia – Quick Kvass Recipe – Update2

Today we’ll talk about kvass, a traditional beverage from Russia, drunk for good health and to give energy.  All classes of people enjoyed this beverage from the czars as well as by peasant folk.  Traditional, kvass is sold on the street by vendors with a large tank full of fresh kvass. In wealthy households, various … Continue reading Kvass a Lactose-Fermented Drink from Russia – Quick Kvass Recipe – Update2

Tsukemono Pickled & Fermented Condiments Part 2

Here’s part two of our Blog on Tsukemono type pickles from Japan. These are great for eating plain or a side dish, a condiment, or mixed with plain rice! Listed below are recipes that have been modified from the traditional form for the USA consumer as some ingredients are hard to find. What is Tsukemono? … Continue reading Tsukemono Pickled & Fermented Condiments Part 2

Three Wild-crafted Fermented & Pickled Foods

~ Dandelion Leek Miso ~ Ran across this and thought I would share… This recipe idea is great for areas with wild leeks and other wild crafted plants What is Needed… – Tub of unpasteurized Red miso or Mugi miso, organic or make your own, which can take 6 months to a year in most … Continue reading Three Wild-crafted Fermented & Pickled Foods

Making Japanese Shinshu Miso and Shiro Miso

  All Japanese Misos have the same basic recipe format; main difference is the quantities of the ingredients and incubation times. A dark or heavy miso will have less koji rice and more salt verses a sweet or mellow miso.  Once the koji-kin/koji rice is completed, you can use it to make this Shiro miso.  … Continue reading Making Japanese Shinshu Miso and Shiro Miso

~ Culture Starter Store ~

At Organic-Cultures, we provide fresh traditional food cultures from different cultural regions.  These cultures allow one to ferment and culture foods for healthful eating and extending the shelf life. – From dairy yogurts & milk kefir – 5 types of water kefir – Japanese koji-kin & koji rice, – Tempeh starter spores, – Kombucha and Jun … Continue reading ~ Culture Starter Store ~

Welcome to Organic-Cultures

We are excited to introduce our newest web site dedicated to nothing but food culture starters.  At Organic Cultures.Com, we provide fresh traditional raw food cultures, including kefir grains, from different regional sources from around the world.  From Japanese koji spores, natto starter, dairy kefir and 5 different water kefir grains, kombucha tea starter, tempeh … Continue reading Welcome to Organic-Cultures